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Our Signature Strawberry Shortcake Candle poured into a stunning glitter overlay vessel that sparkles as it is illuminated by the flicker of light.


A delightful fragrance that smells just how it sounds! Sweet homemade shortcake covered with ripe sliced strawberries and rich whipped cream!


Handcrafted with our signature natural coconut & soy wax blend. Free of paraffin and phthalates to provide a clean burn without emitting harmful chemicals into the air you breath. Double wicked to provide a truly beautiful illumination experience!


Each candle is packaged inside eco-friendly reusable paper candle tubes for maximum protection during shipping. This visually appealing packaging, doubles as a sophisticated “wrapping” option for candles given as gifts.


Top notes: Sweet Strawberries

Middle notes: Shortcake, Sugar

Base notes: Whipped Cream

Strawberry Shortcake

  • 9.0 oz (255g)

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