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Simply Illuminating Co. offers hand poured candles, luxury bath salts, quality body products, and customizable gift options.

At Simply Illuminating Co., we pride ourselves on offering high quality products that are "simply" delightful and free of unnecessary and harmful ingredients. 

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Our Story


Gillian is an entrepreneur-artist or an artist-entrepreneur, interchangeable hats that depend on the specific business she is looking after at that time. At a young age, she had a wide variety of interests including science, language, and arts.  She studied and became a bio-medical specialist in heart-related medicine, yet her artistic side kept calling. Gillian left the medical field for the restaurant industry, and still owns and operates a successful restaurant with her entrepreneur husband.

Gillian loves hot chocolate on a snowy day, the most oversized box of crayons available, a bag of vintage jewelry, baking, creating, and entertaining. 

Madi is a veterinary technician by trade, who has worked in various parts of the industry over the past 10+ years. Currently, she co-owns a company that offers mobile veterinary nurse services to her local community.

Madi is also a wife, a mother to two young boys, and pet mom to an enthusiastic hound dog and a mischievous grey kitty named Howie. Madi loves gardening, baking, being outside, crisp Fall days, and snow!

When not occupied with one of the above, Madi thoroughly enjoys creating candles...She calls it her "boy mom therapy"! :)

Gillian and Madi met back in 2016 when Madi started providing medical care to Gillian's beloved kitty Dino. The Simply Illuminating Co. logo features a kitty in Miss Dino's honor since she was the reason Gillian and Madi became friends. 

Gillian and Madi love sharing a business together, since as a team, they bring a wide variety of skills and interests to the table. They strive to offer luxury handcrafted products, and they are constantly researching and developing in order to offer nothing but the best to their customers. Gillian is the expert in essential oil candles, bath salts, and graphic design...while Madi enjoys making candles with fragrance oils, creating "Dressed Up" vessels, and designing fun phrase labels.

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